Magic Mud 15kg Pail $179.00

Magic Mud is a unique Naturally Awesome 15kg Pail of Hand Cleaner, using an active natural mineral called Soft Zeolite which cleans and deodorises naturally! Magic Mud contains Soft Zeolites only found in New Zealand. The Soft Zeolites have magic like properties that magnetically pull contaminates away from the skin, while the fine grains scrub your hands leaving them soft, clean and deodorised.

Magic Mud cleans ingrained grime, dirt and absorbs odours leaving the hands feeling fresh and supple. Tough enough to clean grease, oil, paint and is amazing at getting rid of the rankest smells off your hands! Magic Mud is the natural hand cleaner that you need.

Magic Mud is 100% natural and is great for the car, truck, boat, shed, kitchen, camp, barns, caravan, bbq, garage, laundry or anywhere you want to clean and deodorise your hands naturally!

Magic Mud's the go!

How to use MagicMud:

After you've finished getting your hands nice and dirty, follow these easy steps to get clean soft great smelling hands.

Step one: Wet your hands thoroughly with water. This can be water out of the tap, river or salt water from the sea. By wetting your hands it helps activate the Soft Zeolite and make it work its best.

Step two: Grab your tube of Magic Mud and squeeze of 50 cent size dollop of Mud in the middle of one of your palms. Now massage the Mud into your dirty skin. You will feel a grittiness which is the Soft Zeolite, this grit will help remove the tough dirt and will leave your hands feeling really smooth.

Step three: Wash your hands thoroughly with water to remove all the MagicMud, dirt, and smells away. If you require additional cleaning repeat Steps One and Two again.

PRICE: NZD $179.00